The Best Restaurants on Kodiak Island, Alaska

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Hubs and I only had a few days on Kodiak Island, but in that time we found several delicious places to eat. I wanted to share with you what we thought were the best restaurants on Kodiak Island. Hopefully, this will help you pre-plan if you intent on visiting Kodiak in the future. I also wanted to pass on a special note that we were told to always call ahead to restaurants in Kodiak to make sure that they were open. We were surprised to learn that many of their grills closed around 7:30 p.m., which is earlier than our daily adventures allowed us to eat.

With that in mind, I wanted to share my favorite places for meals on Kodiak Island. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. I have also included links to their TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews to save you a few clicks. For some reason, I do not have a lot of pictures of our restaurant visits on Kodiak. I’ve include the pictures that I did take. 

Breakfast at Java Flats

Java Flats was one of the places that were most recommended to us by the locals we ran across on Kodiak. Everyone said it was a bit out of the way in Womens Bay (past the airport on your way out of the City of Kodiak along Rezanof Drive). We visited for breakfast, but they also have to-go lunch and provide to-go lunches. Both Hubs and I ordered delicious croissant breakfast sandwiches. I paired mine with a strawberry smoothie and Hubs paired his with a cup of coffee.

Java Flats

Java Flats Kodiak

On top of the fantastic food, the atmosphere was relaxing, just like you would expect a cozy bohemian coffee shop to be. :)

Java Flats Kodiak

You can check out the Java Flats TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews to learn more about their menu and see pictures of their location, food, and drinks.

Lunch at Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant

We were in downtown Kodiak when we decided to grab a bite to eat before setting out to explore the island by car. We had parked down by the marina and decided to wander on foot until we found a place to eat. Coastal eating is difficult for us as I have a shellfish allergy (and like to avoid hospitals). Thankfully, while Henry’s menu was robust and had a ton of seafood, they had a great selection of salads and sandwiches. I ended up getting a cheeseburger and Hubs had a seafood dish that I can’t remember for the life of me. They also have a good variety of beers on tap, a friendly staff, and a cool Alaskan vibe. 

You can check out Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant’s TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews to learn more about their menu and see pictures of their location, food, and drinks.

Lunch at Rendezvous Bar & Grill

We stumbled upon Rendezvous on the way back from one of our day drives. Also, there were a handful of cars in the parking lot, so we knew it was open! ;) When we entered we immediately felt welcomed by the staff and atmosphere. It’s a total local watering hole and we loved it! We both ended up ordering burgers. They were really good and so were our sides. I had the house fries and Hubs had clam chowder soup. If you haven’t noticed, I eat a lot of burgers. I’m allergic to shellfish and burgers are usually a pretty safe bet in seafood-land.

Rendezvous Bar & Grill Rendezvous Bar & Grill


You can check out Rendezvous Bar and Grill’s TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews to learn more about their menu and see pictures of their location, food, and drinks.

Dinner at Sparrow’s

As I mentioned previously, there are relatively few dinner options for a late dinner in Kodiak. With that in mind, we opened our TripAdvisor app and found Sparrow’s. As we were in the car and about a block away, we opted to drive over to see if they were open. Thankfully, they were open and we were able to find parking at the end of the crowded lot.

From the TripAdvisor reviews, we knew they had a variety of foods, but neither Hubs nor I were craving anything specific until we walked in the door and saw a pizza on nearly every single one of the full tables. We ended up ordering the Hawaiian pizza and it was delicious. Specifically, their pizza crust was fantastic and some of the best I have ever had. 

You can check out Sparrow’s TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews to learn more about their menu and see pictures of their location, food, and drinks.

UPDATE: Apparently Sparrow’s has closed. I do not know if it will be reopening, but feel free to check when you are in town.


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