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Disclaimer: I’ve previously written about my desire to support businesses that give back to their communities and/or practice corporate responsibility through their actions and initiatives. So, I jumped at the chance to work with Colorado Aromatics when they reached out to me about their Sole Pleasure Foot Butter. While I did receive a complimentary product, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post and in any affiliated promotion are my own and do not reflect Colorado Aromatics and/or any of their associates. 

What I Like About Colorado Aromatics

When a rep from Colorado Aromatics reached out to me, I started exploring their website to look at their products and get a better understanding of their corporate responsibilities. It didn’t take me long to understand and appreciate their farm-to-skin approach to skin care. I loved that the founder, Dr. Cindy Jones, lives an active outdoor lifestyle and understands the unique needs we have when it comes to caring for our bodies. Colorado Aromatics also has four core values that guide their work: education, community, health and empowerment, and sustainability/stewardship. I also like that they use science to support their products, as well as use recyclable packaging.

My Feet are in Need of Some TLC

Let me begin by saying that my feet have had a very rough year. Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the first day I received my walking boot. I would spend the next 260 days (that’s not a typo) in various walking boots before and after my ankle surgery. While I’ve been out of the walking boot since mid-January, my feet still take a constant beating with rehab and therapy. For the longest time after surgery, I was afraid to put anything near my ankle out of fear of infection. Basically, I haven’t had a pedicure or used a foot scrub in ages. Why am I telling you this? I just want you to understand what this foot butter was up against. 

Trying the Sole Pleasure Foot Butter

As I noted, my feet are really beat-up from my ankle issues (way more than they ever were when I was hiking weekly). With this in mind, I decided to give this foot butter two full weeks of daily application to see if it could help revive them. I’ve thankfully never had to deal with cracking heels, but mine get really dry (I hate socks and would much prefer to live life barefoot). Pre-surgery, I would get pedicures which provided temporary relief from the dryness and also tried some over the counter big box brands. The other heel creams I used smelled, got everywhere, and even made my feet greasy.

I used my fingers or used the lidless tin to directly rub the emollient on my heels and feet. The fingers gave me the most control, but I used the direct tin method when I started as I was nervous about leaving my fingers greasy. Thankfully, I figured out pretty quickly that it moisturizes without that super greasy after coat. The foot butter also comes in a stick option if you prefer that application method. Overall, it was easy to use and the moisture it provided was the right amount for my feet. 

Natural Ingredients

I also enjoyed the smell, which is not something I can say about a lot of natural products. It wasn’t too overpowering and a single scent didn’t stand out to or overwhelm me. For me, this is directly related to the balance of the natural ingredients and not the “scent” that is often added to the big box products. In addition to the balance they provide, the ingredients were also selected for their natural healing elements. The key ingredients and their properties listed by CA are: 

• Comfrey – eases inflammation and promotes cell growth to aid healing.
• Mint – soothes and softens skin to prevent cracking and breaking.
• Calendula Extract – Anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, astringent, antiseptic, promotes wound healing (supported by medical studies)
• Black Seed Oil (Black Cumin Oil) – Ancient oil used for a variety of skin conditions.

A full listing of the ingredients can be found on the product webpage

Final Thoughts

I guess all you really need to know about Colorado Aromatics Sole Pleasure Foot Butter is that I’m still using it. I honestly do like it and the soothing moisture it provides to my dry and achy feet. This foot butter is a great fit for anyone who needs to give their feet a little TLC. However, I highly recommend this foot butter for those of us who live an outdoor lifestyle and/or want natural products that work! 

By Sara Beth

Sara Beth is a wanderlust soul who is focused on simplistic and mindful living. She is passionate about National Parks, road trips, and board games. Her early years were spent in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. After graduating from university, she moved to Las Vegas, fell in love, and adopted a dog. Today, she lives with her husband and their dog in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

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