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We moved into our new house last November and have been slowly working on updating the paint and decor to match our tastes. Up next on my list is decorating the office. Hubs and I have established a “I do the decorating and he has final veto power” pact. So, I’ve decided to focus on a subtle nature theme, that focuses on our various adventures through photos, tchotchke’s, and a couple prints.

After a couple trips to local decor stores, I still hadn’t found the perfect prints. I then turned by search online, which of course, led me to Etsy. Within minutes I had found several prints that I liked and could picture in our office. I narrowed down the abundant choices to a map that featured the US National Parks. From there, I settled on the following four prints and am trying to narrow them down.

ElloThere Shop

11×17 National Parks Map print with stickers [ etsy shop listing link ]
$40 without frame / $88 with frame

US National Park Map Print

Photo used with permission from ElloThere.

I love so many things about this print! To begin with, I love overall hipster vibe of the print and coordinating frame. It also has a full numbered listing of the parks in alphabetical order that corresponds to the numbers on each tree that is used to mark their geographical location. On top of that, the print comes with little numbered tree stickers that can be added to the print to document which parks you have visited. I’m obsessed!

BONUS: They also have a similar a Canadian National Park print with frame, a US National Park design similar to the one shown as a large canvas print, and multiple state park prints with a cool optional wooden clipboard.

ConsiderGraphics Shop

12×16 National Parks Map print with optional surname customization [ etsy shop listing link ]
$29 without frameil_570xN.887981946_sn55

Photo used with permission from ConsiderGraphics.

Similar to the print above, ConsiderGraphics uses pine trees to indicate the location of each US National Park. The numbers on each tree correspond to the order of the alphabetical listing of parks. Unlike the previous print, the map itself appears hand-drawn and I kind of like it that way, which is surprising as I’m a bit OCD about things and usually love precise straight lines. My favorite feature of this print is the optional surname customization to the shield (where it says “100th anniversary” on the ribbon in the image). I love little touches like that! A quick and easy customization like this also makes this a great potential gift item.

BONUS: I also love these Yellowstone and Great Smoky Mountain National Park-specific maps.


11×14 Personalized National Park Map print with NPS Centennial feature [ esty shop listing link ]
$45 without frame

il_570xN.936594601_o59lPhoto used with permission from LivingJoyEveryday.

The map offered by LivingJoyEveryday is similar to the previous options in that it uses trees, but the designers go one step further and let you use two different colors of trees to indicate which parks you have and have not visited. I also really like that this print features a nod to the National Park Service Centennial with the stamp cancellation watermark near the top of the print.

BONUS: This seller also has really cute custom world and US travel maps. I also am in LOVE with this trip print.


20×30 National Park Map print with foam backing [ etsy seller shop listing ]
$229 with frame


Photo used with permission from TexturedINK

What I love about TexturedINK’s prints are that they are foam mounted, which makes that ideal for people who want to use pushpins to track their adventures. This print has an entirely different vibe than my first three finds, but I wanted to include it because it has a more handmade/rustic feel to it and it includes other US heritage areas in addition to the the National Parks. I also love that the states are different colors. It does take the focus away from the parks, but using pushpins will bring back the pop of color that the trees in the other prints have. I also really like the slogan at the top and the family name customization at the bottom.

BONUS: This shop has a TON of prints and there are just too many bonus items for me to mention. So, I’m going to mention just one: This cute “Love will find a way” state map print, which would be adorable in nearly any room in our house.

Decision Time

I am still struggling to determine which print I want. I love the TexturedINK one, but it is way outside my budget. So, I’m leaning towards the ElloThere one as I love the idea of using stickers to indicate park visits. Which print do you like best?


By Sara Beth

Sara Beth is a wanderlust soul who is focused on simplistic and mindful living. She is passionate about National Parks, road trips, and board games. Her early years were spent in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. After graduating from university, she moved to Las Vegas, fell in love, and adopted a dog. Today, she lives with her husband and their dog in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

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  1. Mom

    I like the ElloThere print. The colors remind me of a park Ranger uniform:)

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    I like the Consider Graphics Shop.


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