Are you on a National Park Quest?

Learn how to get your free 417 Unit National Park Service printable and downloadable spreadsheet and map trackers below.

Need a National Park Service Visit Tracker?

I know I’m not alone in my quest to someday visit all 417 units that are administered by the National Park Service. Are you on a similar quest? If so, how are you tracking your NPS visits? Do you have a running list on your phone, a collection of Passport stamps, or pins in a physical map? Take your visit tracking to the next level by using my spreadsheet and map trackers. 

Which National Park Tracker is Best for Me?

Download the printable PDF option if you are looking for a simple list of national parks that you can cross or check-off. If you are looking for something more complex, access or download the Deluxe NPS Checklist to take advantage of the automatic calculator that tallies your visits by designation. For those of you that are obsessed with maps like me, track your visits using the Google Maps option.

National Park Spreadsheet Tracker Options

Explore both the PDF and Deluxe versions of my 417 Unit National Park Service Tracker below. Be sure to check out the features so you snag the version that is best for you!

Option 1: Printable NPS Checklist

• Printable list so you can easily take it on your adventures
• All 417 National Park Service units
• Organized by park designation type
• Preset to include tracking for two people
• Print additional copies for additional family members

Sample from the PDF checklist:

Option 2: Deluxe NPS Checklist

• Print, download or save a copy to your personal Google Drive
• All 417 National Park Service units
• Automatic calculations of all entered visits
• Organized by park designation type
• Ability to add additional pages for each family member
• Website links for all 417 units to help in your planning
• A notes section to save visit reflections and/or trip plans
• Ability to record multiple visits per park unit

Sample from the deluxe checklist:

National Park Map Tracker Option

I love maps. They make me happy. I own multiple globes, have a Pinterest board dedicated to them, and frequently get the song “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs stuck in my head. So, while I love my spreadsheet tracker, I also like to see a visual representation of my quest to visit all 417 National Park Service units. 


Track Your National Park Service Visits Using Google Maps

I created the map below to showcase the 417 units under the administration of the National Park Service. Each designation type is represented by a different color to help break all those pins up! You can use the icons at the top of the map to open a larger version and then save a copy to your Google Drive account.

Customize Your Map!

Once you have saved a copy, you can customize the pin colors and pin icons. For example, I have a different map for Hubs and I that has for four different colors: one for parks we haven’t visited, one for those we have visited together, one for my solo visits, and one for solo visits by Hubs. Get creative!

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