Escape DC for a Weekend in a Lost River, West Virginia Cabin Rental

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The following is a personal and unsupported review of Deluxe Mountain Cabin with Yoga Studio and Views, a Lost River, West Virginia cabin rental we booked through Airbnb.

A much-needed escape from DC

The weekend before my ankle surgery we decided to turn a planned day-trip out of town into a weekend at a cabin in the Appalachian mountains. I knew I would be stuck in the house for several weeks and wanted one last “nature” trip. Knowing that my mobility would be limited, we really wanted to find a great feature-packed cabin with a great mountain view. 

When we are looking for weekend rentals we usually head to Airbnb or VRBO. Unlike our previous rentals, we didn’t have a specific town in mind. Instead, we wanted a cabin that had a great mountain view. So, we focused on a broad search that included our parameters of price, availability, and type of dwelling. From there, we looked for rentals that had the mountain view we wanted. This narrowed down our list considerably. Lastly, we picked a location that had other amenities that would make our stay enjoyable as we would be spending the majority of our time in the cabin. 

Deluxe Mountain Cabin with Yoga Studio

We finally settled on and booked a cabin that was slightly above our normal price range. We are admittedly cheap, but we will splurge when we know we are getting great quality and value. This deluxe cabin was no exception. The cabin was huge and way larger than we needed with its expansive two stories and separate yoga studio. 

lost river west virginia cabin rental

Common Areas

The cabin featured a large open-concept second floor. There was a decent sized kitchen with cooking supplies and utensils, a large dining table, and nice living room seating arrangement. The decor while, mainly muted, did have bright pops of color and random art from an old boy scout troop that was a bit much for my personal taste, but were fairly easy to overlook. I also loved that the was additional seating along the back wall in the form of a storage bench. The hosts provided numbers games and books, in addition to Wi-Fi, cable, and a Sonos sound system. Additionally, two full sides of the second floor main living space opened directly on to the porches via numerous french/sliding doors. There was so much natural lighting in the house and you basically had a view from every single room.

lost river west virginia cabin rental lost river west virginia cabin rental lost river west virginia cabin rental

Sleeping Spaces

The cabin has three bedrooms with comfortably sleep two people on queen size beds. There is also a sleeper-sofa that holds another two people on the main living floor. The master bedroom has a nice attached bath with a large tile shower. The other two bedrooms share a Jack-and-Jill bathroom that has a jetted tub. However, we were told that the jetted tub is a bit much on the hot water system, so we didn’t use it. The master bedroom was comfortable and had access to a screened-in porch. It also had wonderful views of the mountains that could be seen from the bed. 

lost river west virginia cabin rental

Porches for Days

By far my favorite part of this cabin were the multi-story porches. Sections of the porches on both levels were screened, which helped keep bugs at bay. We spend HOURS in the hammock on the second story. Personally, I spent most of my time in the hammock just taking in the mountain views and listening to the birds chirping. I was quite surprised by how quiet it was out on the porches. While there are other cabins on the hillside, we only heard them when people drove by on the gravel roads and driveways. Even then it wasn’t too loud, just noticeable in the otherwise quiet environment. I will say that the porch layout is slightly different than the listing photos show. At the time of publishing this post, they do not show the hammock and include a non-existent telescope, which I heartbreakingly learned was not part of the listing. 

lost river west virginia cabin rental lost river west virginia cabin rental lost river west virginia cabin rental lost river west virginia cabin rental lost river west virginia cabin rental lost river west virginia cabin rental lost river west virginia cabin rental

A Mountain Sunrise

My favorite way to take advantage of the numerous porches was to get up and watch the sunrise over the mountains. While you can see the sunrise from the master bedroom, we choose to go up to the second story and watch it from the hammock porch off the living room. This gave us the best unobstructed view of the sunrise and the fog rolling through the valley below, which was an added treat. 

lost river west virginia sunrise lost river west virginia sunrise lost river west virginia sunrise lost river west virginia sunrise

Private Yoga Studio 

While we do not actively practice yoga, the private yoga studio on this property was amazing. The yoga studio is separated from the house in a standalone structure to ensure quiet reflection. The studio was connected to the Sonos sound system and came equipped with yoga mats, blankets, and bricks. My favorite part of the private yoga studio was the sliding glass doors that opened to better take in the sites and sounds of the property. While we didn’t watch the sunrise from the studio, it would be the perfect location to take in a stunning sunrise over the mountains. 

private yoga retreat cabin lost river west virginia private yoga retreat cabin lost river west virginia private yoga retreat cabin lost river west virginiaprivate yoga retreat cabin lost river west virginia

Our Airbnb Host

We had little contact with our host Donald due to the very late booking and short stay. However, he was super polite in emails and was on top of providing local information as well. We received a pre-visit email with information on the cabin, directions, and a list of local places to explore. The cabin also had a bunch of brochures of local outdoor areas, restaurants, and historical points of interest. Be sure to check out the Airbnb listing if you want to learn more about this particular cabin.

Tips for your First Lost River Cabin Rental

Here are some tips that may help you enjoy your first (or next) Lost River cabin rental:

• Prepare for no (or limited) cell service.
• Print a map of your destination before you leave home (see the tip above about cell coverage above).
• Take time to enjoy the scenery. Lost River enjoys a slower pace of life and to fully take it in, you should too.


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