A Kodiak, Alaska Airbnb Review of our Fantastic Stay at Seaside Casual

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The following is a personal and unsupported review of Seaside Casual, a Kodiak Island Airbnb we stayed at in Alaska.

Finding the Right Kodiak Island Airbnb

There are numerous Kodiak Island Airbnb options that cater to different types of visitors. If you want to stay close to town, there are options near the shops. If you want to stay directly on the water there are fewer options. Nightly prices range from just shy of $100 for an apartment to over $375 for an entire house. These may seem high if you are from the lower-48. However, you will soon learn the phrase “Alaska Prices” and need to get used to it!

For us, we wanted a quiet retreat that was off the beaten path so we looked to the edge of town. Additionally, we wanted an unobstructed water view and our own space. We ended up selecting Seaside Casual Airbnb for our stay after reading the reviews. It was towards the lower-end for rentals on the island, but you would never know it!

Seaside Casual Airbnb

We booked Seaside Casual for both our nights on Kodiak Island. It is located on the edge of Mill Bay and the views were fantastic! Seaside Casual is setup as an in-home private second-floor apartment. There are a separate entrance and dedicated parking with the rental as well. Our apartment consisted of a bedroom, full bathroom, full kitchen, living room, dining room, loft, and large private deck. The best part was by far the deck for the views alone (see pics later in the post)! The unit was clean, had lots of good light, and even had a fully equipped kitchen. 

Seaside Casual Kodiak Alaska Seaside Casual Kodiak Alaska Seaside Casual Kodiak Alaska Seaside Casual Kodiak Alaska Seaside Casual Kodiak Alaska Seaside Casual Kodiak Alaska

I don’t think our pictures do this rental any justice – it’s really amazing. The atmosphere within the unit is absolutely chill – a total calm and inviting space. We were able to rest comfortably and recharge after days of travel.

Our Host

Our host, Yvonne, was amazing and she was able to work around our arrival and departure times with ease. She was easily reachable by phone before and during our stay. Yvonne has thought of everything in preparing the space. From the toiletries to the numerous island guide materials – she was on top of it! I also really liked that she and her husband Brian did not intrude on our stay in any way. They were always polite and said hi if we saw them in the yard, but let us set the pace with conversations. They honestly were great hosts.

The Views and Wildlife of Mill Bay

The views alone would be enough for me to rent Seaside Casual again. The private second-story deck is great for relaxing after a busy day of adventures and was the perfect spot to watch the sunrise as well.

Mill Bay Kodiak Island Mill Bay Kodiak Island Mill Bay Kodiak Island

The deck also served as a wildlife viewing platform of sorts throughout our stay. Each morning and evening (we were gone during the day), we were treated to a handful of seals hanging out in the bay. They were adorable! While they were hard to photograph, we did enjoy watching them through our binoculars.

Kodiak Island Seals

Kodiak Island Guides

Not that Yvonne needs any more praise, but she supplies the unit with local guides and maps for her guests to use during their stay. We loved flipping through the flora and fauna booklets to see the different species that call the island home. We also found the annotated map of the area immensely helpful for wildlife viewing and day trip planning.

Kodiak Island Map

Photos from our trip in 2015.

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