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Instagram launched the ability to save photos way back in December 2016. A few months later in the spring, they added a feature called Collections. The Collections feature allows users to digitally save photos in albums. In a way, it’s similar to Pinterest, but no one else can see your collections and saved images.  The following post walks you through how to use Instagram Collections. 

How to Bookmark or Save Photos

Before I begin with the collections tutorial, I wanted to do a quick overview of how to save photos within the Instagram app. 

1. Open the Instagram application on your mobile phone or tablet. 

2. Navigate to any photo you would like to save in your stream or under an account.

3. Click the ribbon to save the image.

4. Your photos will automatically be saved to your saved photos. 

How to Create an Instagram Collection

There are two ways to create an Instagram Collection. The first is directly after saving a photo using on-screen prompts. The second is to create a collection from scratch, adding photos you have already saved or preparing a collection for future saved photos. 

Creating an Instagram Collection Directly After Saving a Photo

This method of creating an Instagram Collection begins immediately after saving a photo (Step 3 above):

1. After clicking the save ribbon on a photo, an action bar will immediately appear across the bottom of the photo. 

2. Click the “Save to Collection” link.

How to use Instagram Collection's

3. A new window will appear at the bottom of the photo. Type the name for your new collection. 

How to use Instagram Collection's

4. Click “Done” with you have finished naming your new collection. 

How to use Instagram Collection's

5. Your new Collection will be confirmed by a banner at the top of the app. 

How to use Instagram Collection's

6. Moving forward, your collection will be available when saving future photos. 

7. If you do not want to add a new collection, you can also select from one of your existing collections. 

How to use Instagram Collection's

How to Create a New Instagram Collection from Scratch

Use the following directions to create a new Instagram Collection.

1. Open the Instagram application on your mobile phone or tablet. 

2. Navigate to your profile.

3. Click on the ribbon icon.

How to use Instagram Collection's

4. Click on the plus icon to add a new collection. 

How to use Instagram Collection's

5. Type the name you want to use for your new collection and then click Next. 

How to use Instagram Collection's

6. You can then add any photos to you have already saved to the new collection by clicking the circle next to each. If you have no saved photos or have selected those that you want, you can then click Done. 

How to use Instagram Collection's

7. If you added photos they will now appear in your collection. If you did not add photos, your collection will be empty.

How to use Instagram Collection's

Uses of Instagram Collections

As I previously mentioned, I am using Instagram Collections to keep track of travel destinations I want to visit in each state. Below I’ve outlined a few ways in which outdoor recreation and public land adventurers can use Instagram Collections: 

Save photos of others so you can:

∙ Create a bucket list
∙ Create a weekend adventure collection to save regional travel destinations 
∙ Plan a road trip or vacation
∙ Use it to keep a list of people you want to follow (e.g., like Twitter’s Lists feature)
∙ Create a shopping or gift list from the numerous outdoor recreation brands on Instagram

Save your own photos to:

∙ Keep track of  your progress in a challenge or quest (e.g., 52 Hike Challenge)
∙ Note places you want to revisit 
∙ Collect photos as a reminder of what you want to embed in a future blog post

Tips for How to Use Instagram Collections

Before signing off, I wanted to include a few tips and things of note for those of you who chose to use Instagram Collections:

∙ There is no way to sort your collections at this time. As this is a new feature, this may change over time. Currently, the collections with the most recent saves are shown first. This also means that you have to scroll through them if you have a large number of collections. 
∙ At this time, other users cannot view your saved photos and collections.
∙ Anyone with a business Instagram account can see if their photos were saved, but not who and to what collection they were saved. 

Are you already using Instagram Collections?

Be sure to share how you are currently or plan to use Instagram Collections in the comments below or on social media. :)

By Sara Beth

Sara Beth is a wanderlust soul who is focused on simplistic and mindful living. She is passionate about National Parks, road trips, and board games. Her early years were spent in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. After graduating from university, she moved to Las Vegas, fell in love, and adopted a dog. Today, she lives with her husband and their dog in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

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