Finish: My One-word Intention for 2020

by | Jan 1, 2020 | Setting Intentions

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that each year I set a one-word intention. Check out my post called “Why I Set Yearly One-Word Intentions and You Should Too” if you are interested in learning more about why I set a yearly intention and how to set your own.

My 2020 One-Word Intention is Finish

I selected finish for my one-word intention this year because I have a lot ideas floating around in my head and have yet to put any of them to paper. I’ve been so focused on my health, happiness, and travel, that I pulled away from my hobbies (like blogging) and embraced a digital detox of sorts. Moving forward, I want to start chipping away at the backlog of posts and move forward with some meaningful projects (like NaNoWriMo novel I started). 

I’ve also decided not to fully outline specific target areas publically this year as there are some surprised in there that I want to hold close for now. :)

Ongoing Reflections on My Previous One-Word Intentions

In my one-word intentions overview post I talk about different ways to incorporate them into your life. What I love most about this process is that each individual gets to determine what this process looks life for themselves. Personally, I have decided not to “discard” my intention after each new year. Instead, I decided to use my previous intentions as pillars to help me keep building life on my terms.

Reflection on My 2019 Intention: Focus

My 2019 one-word intention was Focus and I feel really good about the overall progress I made by focusing on the areas of my life in which I wanted to make the biggest changes. I was able to focus and make health a near-daily priority by practicing mindfulness and meditation. I focused on consumerism by reducing the number of single-use items I used and (nearly) stopped making impulse purchases. I focused my energies into feeding a handful of relationships instead of spreading myself super thin with too many digital networks.

Reflection on My 2018 Intention: Simplify

My 2018 one-word intention was Simplify and I am still incorporating the  in my life. Within the last year we sold over 70% of our possessions and downsized from a three bedroom house to a small one bedroom apartment. As we got ready to move back to DC we realized that we had way too much stuff for two people and a shih tzu. So, we prioritized our needs, kept only those things that we needed (and a small handful of sentemental items), and got rid of the rest…. AND IT FEELS AMAZING! I had no idea how much our “stuff” was weighing me down on a daily basis. 

Reflection on my 2017 Intention: Intentional

My 2017 one-word intention was Intentional and still to this day I find myself being more intentional with my actions. This was also the year when I started setting one-word and the mindset that came with them has been so positive in the way I approach life.

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