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To celebrate the end of 2017, Nature Tech Family hosted a special Best of 2017 #FindYourPark photo challenge. This time around, the photo challenge showcased our favorite memories from our national parks and public lands. While I participated solely on Twitter, others also participated on Instagram. These photo challenges are one of my favorite things about the #ParkChat community and I encourage you to join us online if you are interested in parks and public lands.

Day 1 – “Farthest Away Moment”


Day 2 – “Water or Sand Moment”


Day 3 – “Coldest or Hottest Moment”


Day 4 – “Moment of Celebration”


Day 5 – “Highest Moment”


Day 6 – “Most Unique Moment”


Day 7 – “Best Animal Moment”


Day 8 – “Closest Moment to Home”

I totally included the wrong day of the challenge in this post. Doh!

Day 9 – “A Family Moment”


Day 10 – “Very Best Moment of 2017”



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Get Social About Your Parks and Public Lands

Be sure to check out the #FindYourPark hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. There is a ton of inspiration for future visits and great people sharing stories and travel advice. Also, if you are on Twitter, be sure to join #ParkChat on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat or don’t know about them, please read this post to learn more.