Indulging in Delicious Turkish Food at Anatolian Bistro in Herndon, Virginia

by | Apr 22, 2017 | Good Eats

A few days ago, we made plans with friends to meet up at Worldgate Center in Herndon, Virginia.  Our plan was to grab dinner at TurCuisine, a well-known local Turkish restaurant. When we arrived, however, we were surprised to find that the restaurant had closed. After checking out their recent Yelp reviews, it looks like service had gone way downhill since our last visit. Obviously, we had not been there in a while!

Out with the Old, In with the New

While we were disappointed that our original plans were foiled, we were in luck! A new restaurant called Anatolian Bistro had opened in its place. Anatolian Bistro also serves Turkish food, which means we can still get our Turkish fix here in NoVa. There was also a sign in the window that said they were under new management. They also had opened so recently that they had not yet received their liquor license. The staff was nothing like the reviews from TurCuisine. Our waitress was a bit shy at first, but between her and the manager(?), we were well taken care of during our visit. I highly recommend visiting!

Anatolian Bistro Eats

The food at Anatolian Bistro was top-notch. I had the Chicken Shish and Hubs had the Lamb Shish. The flavor of our meats was fantastic and was well complimented by the grilled veggies. The rice had excellent flavor (rare these days) and the tzatziki was some of the best I have ever had. Our table of four split two desserts: the rice pudding and the cream caramel. I was not a huge fan of the cream caramel, although others at our table enjoyed it. I did, however, LOVE their rice pudding. It wasn’t too heavy and had an excellent flavor to it.

Anatolian Bistro in Herndon, Virginia Anatolian Bistro in Herndon, Virginia Anatolian Bistro in Herndon, Virginia Anatolian Bistro in Herndon, Virginia Anatolian Bistro in Herndon, Virginia

By Sara Beth

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